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Burlington’s Specialist in Dental Restorations

Burlington Village Dental Centre’s dental restoration services help Burlington, ON patients resolve their issues with dental decay and damage. When it comes to decay in your teeth, spotting it in the early stages makes a world of difference. By taking action as soon as you detect minimal decay, we’re often able to repair it. Delaying proper treatment can lead to extensive damage that we’ll need to remove. Our dentists base treatment around how severely the decay has damaged your teeth. We’ll always discuss treatment options with you prior to proceeding with any action.

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Root Canals

Your teeth have spaces within their roots called root canals, and inside that canal is a collection of soft tissue, blood vessels, and nerves, which is called dental pulp. Tooth decay or trauma can damage your dental pulp, resulting in an infection that can spread to the bone surrounding your tooth if it’s left untreated. This results in losing your tooth. Root canal therapy can save your tooth by removing the tooth pulp, cleaning and shaping the area that contained it, and filling it with a specialized material. This filler protects it from further infection and reduces sensitivity. After we’ve clean, filled, and restored your root canal, we cap your tooth with a crown to protect it, and so your tooth still looks and functions like normal.

Dental Crowns

If a tooth has a sizable amount of decay or several fillings already in place, we may suggest a dental crown. These crowns cover or “cap” your tooth, which protects it and keeps it strong. We can make crowns out of pure white porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, or gold. Porcelain crowns resemble a natural tooth.

Dental Bridges

If your tooth has suffered severe decay, we might recommend removing your infected tooth and installing a bridge. By reducing the size of the adjacent teeth, a bridge can get support from them to hold an artificial tooth as a replacement.

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Tooth Fillings

If plaque has dissolved your tooth enamel and formed a cavity, a filling is often the best and easiest solution. We remove the decayed areas of your tooth and use metal or porcelain to fill the space.

Full & Partial Dentures

When you’re missing several teeth in your upper or lower jaw, we can restore your ability to bite and chew with a partial denture. It will also complete your smile and preserve the natural shape of your mouth. Partial dentures come in fixed or removable options, and we can design them to utilize the adjoining teeth as support. Another option is using dental implants, which are titanium screws that we permanently place in your jawbone. If all your teeth are gone, a full denture is necessary. This prosthesis replaces your teeth, with options including conventional removable dentures or fixed implant-supported dentures. Burlington Village Dental Centre’s denture and other dental restorations help Burlington, ON patients restore their smiles. Call us today to schedule an appointment for dental care.

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