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Children’s Dentistry for Burlington Kids

For families in Burlington, ON, children’s dentistry at Burlington Village Dental Centre provides regular dental care to young and developing mouths, which is very important. Children should first visit the dentist before their first birthday or when their first tooth appears. While children’s “baby” teeth or primary teeth do fall out, they’re instrumental in aiding your child to chew and speak properly. Their primary teeth also create a path through which the permanent adult teeth follow to erupt.

mother and daughter hugging
Children require proper dental care to ensure their oral health stays in top condition.

We discuss diet recommendations and healthy lifestyle habits, as well as promote methods for brushing and flossing properly.

Early Detection and Assessment

Our dentist provides treatment plans to repair tooth decay, straighten teeth, correct improper bites, and monitor their jaws for proper growth and development.

Preventive Dental Care

These include cleaning, polishing, scaling, tooth repair, fillings fluoride treatments, and adjusting children’s fractured or displaced teeth.

Oral Health Exams

We examine soft tissues and check for oral diseases.

Primary Teeth & Their Importance

There’s a common misconception that your child’s primary teeth are unimportant to their future development and oral health. The truth is, their baby teeth or primary teeth are just as important as their permanent or adult teeth. Baby teeth start to erupt around four months after a child is born. By age three, they typically have all of their primary teeth, and they lose all of them by 12 or 13 years of age. Primary teeth act as more than space holders for children’s permanent teeth. Baby teeth apply to their development in many areas:


Even during their earlier years, children’s feelings about their physical appearance can cause them to withdraw socially. Bad breath, ugly teeth, or crooked teeth have a quick impact on a child. Our dental staff helps to promote your child’s positive social interactions by achieving a confident smile.

Speech Development

Baby teeth with proper positioning ease syllable pronunciation and prevent the tongue from drifting and interfering with pronunciation while developing speech.

Straighter Smile

Primary teeth act as the foundation to adult teeth, holding the right amount of space and paving the way for the permanent teeth. Primary teeth with an improper or missing alignment affect the adult teeth’s eruption. Not treating primary teeth can shift the development in a child’s mouth, which results in improperly filled spaces.

Eating and Nutrition

Most children who experience dietary deficiencies have problems with their primary teeth or baby teeth.

Help Your Child’s Teeth Now & For the Future

Burlington Village Dental Centre encourages families in Burlington, Milton, and Waterdown, ON to seek children’s dentistry for their child’s oral health. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for your child’s dental care now and for the future.

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