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Your Burlington Source for Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry from the Burlington, ON dentists at Burlington Village Dental Centre relaxes away the worry of getting dental care. Does anxiety consume you whenever you think about the dentist? Do you repeatedly delay your visits, or do you put up with severe tooth pain to avoid going for treatment? You’re not alone in your stress and nervousness. The phobia of going to the dentist afflicts many people, and it’s a perfectly reasonable way to feel. At our dental clinic, we make it our job to remove this fear from your mind. Sedation dentistry is the solution, and we can use it for almost any dental procedure. From invasive procedures to simple, twice-a-year teeth cleanings, we can apply sedation depending on the severity of your condition and your levels of anxiety. Our goal is to ensure that patients get through their dental care as comfortable as possible.

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Sedation Levels We Have Available

The level of sedation you require depends on how severe your anxiety is, and it can range: from Nitrous Oxide (“laughing gas,” it makes you relax during a procedure), oral sedatives (prescription medication that’s taken orally before a dental procedure to reduce anxiety and relax your muscles), or intravenous sedatives, which put you completely to sleep. We tailor the levels of sedation for your procedure to fit what’s needed to make sure you’re comfortable throughout treatment.

Minimal Sedation

Patients stay awake during the procedure but experience a very relaxed mood.

Moderate Sedation

While patients are awake, they’re not fully awake during the procedure.

Deep Sedation

Patients are still considered awake, but they’re in a less conscious state during the procedure.

General Anesthesia

Patients are fully asleep throughout the procedure.

Call for a Relaxing Dental Visit

Burlington Village Dental Centre wants your visits to our clinic to be as comfortable as possible, so we’ll tailor your experience with the level of sedation that suits your circumstances. You can bring your dental needs to our Burlington, ON practice, where our dentists and staff make your well-being our top priority with every service. Are you worried about your anxiety while visiting? Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation. We’ll help you determine how severe your anxiety is and assess the level of sedation you require for your treatment.

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